This Summer Could Change the World

What would our world be like with no trees? Or if our rivers turned black? We’re living in a tumultuous time in Earth’s history. Jungles and forests are being clear cut to make way for industry and development to provide for our ever-growing population. Mines continue to be drilled, too often resulting in disaster and pollution.

Ancient yogis, mystics, and sacred texts have predicted the times in which we live, though we always have a choice. A golden era awaits if we choose to work together to create it.

We must encourage the choice to create a peaceful, abundant, and healthy world. We must support the collective decision to develop a harmonious relationship with our Mother Earth. And who better to hold these values than the future generation? It’s our responsibility to introduce our youth to nature. Mainstream schools are beginning to integrate yoga and meditation into children’s daily lives with positive results, like Robert W. Coleman Elementary School in West Baltimore, where students begin their day with what they call a “mindful moment”—a 15-minute blend of yoga and meditation.

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