Weight Management and Obesity in Children

The goal of Children’s Hospital Colorado’s Weight Management Program is to improve the lives of children and families who are facing challenges and health conditions related to weight. Our team of experts treats children who are severely obese, often with related illnesses.

For more than twenty years, we have treated children with weight management issues. As one of the only programs in the country to see children from birth to adulthood, we are also the only regional specialty care center to treat the obese pediatric patient and focus on obesity treatment for the special needs population. Our experts have created national obesity guidelines, led national obesity studies and publications and participated in a national Focus group.

Children’s Hospital Colorado offers the region’s leading pediatric weight management program, Lifestyle Medicine. We understand that weight management is an ongoing process. Our team of pediatric experts strives to provide families with the tools that build motivation and confidence in order to make healthy lifestyle decisions. The Lifestyle Medicine Program offers a multidisciplinary team experience with pediatric-trained experts, including psychologists, dietitians, an exercise physiologist, recreational therapists and physicians with specialty training in endocrinology, gastroenterology, nutrition, cardiology and surgery.

Children’s Hospital Colorado offers a menu of treatment options depending on the severity of overweight, obese or co-morbid conditions, motivation of child or family, abilities of child or family and geographical locations. Our goal is to provide a tailored program to each individual.

After an initial medical evaluation, each patient meets with a team of providers, including a dietitian and an exercise physiologist to address the individual needs of each child and/or family.

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